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[INFO] Subtitles questions

Posted: 02 Nov 2018, 16:48
by weyb06
Hello the forum,

I'm a newbie, I didn't find answers to my interrogations, so I'm here asking you...

I have 2 questions about the subtitles & the automatic search :
- on, you can find different subtitles (files) with different framerates for the same subtitles (eg : 25.000, 23.976, etc.) --> what does filebot ? is it able to download the right framerate ?
- i implemented the automatic search, but i already have many movies with subtitles --> is filebot able to see that there are subtitles (and not download new ones) ?


Re: [INFO] Subtitles questions

Posted: 05 Nov 2018, 16:46
by rednoah
Yes, but in my experience that doesn't really help. In most cases you get bad subs simply because there's no good subs available at the time.

FileBot will not download subtitles if they're already available (and reasonably well-named).

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