FileBot cannot see my Synology NAS Server

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FileBot cannot see my Synology NAS Server

Post by manafix » 17 Nov 2018, 02:19

1. Can FileBot rename files already on my Synology NAS Server (DS218+)?

2. If so, How can I get FileBot to "see" my NAS? When I click on load, then network, the load screen remains blank. When I click on This PC on my Win 10 computer, my Synology server appears under Network locations.

[img] C:\Users\jsloc\Desktop/server.jpg [/img]

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Re: FileBot cannot see my Synology NAS Server

Post by rednoah » 17 Nov 2018, 05:53

Yes. FileBot does not know the difference between local and remote files. The OS takes care of that.

If you mount the remote folder as drive, then it will show up in your My Computer folder. You can also just use drag and drop, since FileBot can work with UNC paths.

You can upload screenshots on image hosting sites of your choice and then share the link.
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