Filebot-Node in docker container

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Filebot-Node in docker container

Post by Laurent »

maybe it's already posted, but I can't find the right information

I have a Synology NAS (docker compliant)
I'm looking to install filebot-node in docker to access the application via a web page, without needing to connect to my DSM console and launch filebot.

I would like to be able to install filebot packages from Portainer (more convenient for me to configure, rather than the command line)

I have read the rednoah/filebot page on docker.hub...but I don't understand some parameters
The script says this:
# docker-compose.yml
version: '3.3
container_name: filebot-node
image: rednoah/filebot:node
restart: unless-stopped
- ${HOME}/FileBot:/data
- ${HOME}/path/to/files:/volume1

- 5452:5452

But what path is expected for /data and /volume1? What do I have to fill in here? Can you show me an example ?

Is it necessary to install filebot and filebot-node beforehand from the DSM package manager?

Thanks for your help, I'm lost, I don't understand anything!
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Re: Filebot-Node in docker container

Post by rednoah »

I'd recommend sticking to the Synology package since docker does add complexity that may not be necessary for your use case:

The FileBot Node WebUI runs inside of an iframe so you can access it directly as well:

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** use Right-Click ➔ View Frame Source to find the standalone URL for any iframe that is embedded in any page

:idea: You may still need to log into DSM from time to time to refresh your DSM login session, because FileBot Node uses your DSM login session for authentication.

As for your questions:

:idea: docker allows you to run programs in a self-contained operating system. You don't need to install anything on your host for some program to work inside the container. These two are completely separate and independent and that is the whole idea. ;)

:idea: volume mounts allows you to map parts of the host file system into the docker container, because everything inside a docker container is temporary by design and lost on shutdown. (A) /data is the application data folder, so that FileBot can remember things. (B) /volume1 is where your media files are. These folders need to be mapped from the host so you can (A) have FileBot remembers things and (B) allow FileBot to access your files.

The docker volume mount syntax works like this:

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where /path/on/your/host is a folder that exists on your NAS and /path/inside/the/container is where this folder will appear inside the docker container.


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- /volume1/MyApplicationData/FileBot:/data
- /volume1/MyMedia:/volume1
/volume1/MyApplicationData and /volume1/MyMedia would be shares / folders that you have already created on your NAS.

:arrow: I strongly recommend reading up on docker / portainer / etc if you choose to use these technologies. They're not made for end-users and are not user-friendly, so there will be a learning curve. Unfortunately, I'm not aware of any good tutorial for docker and friends aimed at end-users.
:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.
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