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Quick Start/Tutorial for FileBot Docker images (OMV4)

Posted: 03 Jul 2019, 21:55
by eggsplorer

I am not very experienced but I managed to install OMV 4 and use JDownloader with docker thanks to a lot of documentation.
Is there any tutorial on how to use FileBot with docker for OMV? I have not idea about linux or docker but I'd love to get filebot to work on my NAS.

I'm grateful for any hint in the right direction. I searched for tutorials but didn't find anything here.

Could I just use FileBot for Debian instead the docker? I feel like I'd find more dokumentation for this.

Thanks in advance


Re: Quick Start/Tutorial for FileBot Docker images (OMV4)

Posted: 04 Jul 2019, 03:10
by rednoah
I would recommend using the standard Debian package unless you have a specific reasons for using docker:

:idea: Note that OMV 4 is based on Debian Stretch. Please choose the appropriate APT package source accordingly.