Troubles with Filebot Node

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Troubles with Filebot Node

Post by picciottino »


My automation on my Synology stopped working so I proceeded with the following:
- update Filebot and node
- ensure permission for them to access the Download folder and the destination folder
- re-activate my license

Yet, Filebot Node does not finish its task. When I run it manually, it hangs indefinitely - which I guess is also what happens during the automated calls through the scheduler: <-- This is a screenshot showing where it hangs. This is after about 30 minutes.

Any suggestion?

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Re: Troubles with Filebot Node

Post by rednoah »

Please restart your device to kill all running processes, then click on System Information and copy & paste the information, so we can see what we're working with:

You can log in via SSH and then use htop to see running processes. The filebot command does not hang, but it may very well slow to a crawl once you run out of RAM and the system starts using SWAP for actively used memory.
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Re: Troubles with Filebot Node

Post by stooovie »

Same here. Even after restarting the Syno.
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