pyLoad FileBot Plugin

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pyLoad FileBot Plugin

Post by Gutz-Pilz »

Just want to let u guys know that there is a plugin to use FIleBot along with pyLoad. ...

just "cd" into your pyload hooks folder and "wget"/download the hook from my GitHub site.

for me it is (debian jessie)

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cd /root/.pyload/userplugins/hooks
restart and configure plugin

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pyLoadCore -q
pyLoadCore -d &
open browser with pyload ip
change Filebot settings.
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Re: pyLoad FileBot Plugin

Post by savonarola »

Does anyone know if this plugin works with FileBot 4.7.9 to pyload 0.4.9 on QNAP (arm7)?

I tried it but from the log it seems that it runs the plugin but not filebot.
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