script unraring torrents, not changing directory

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script unraring torrents, not changing directory

Post by gusman54 » 04 Oct 2018, 00:12


I am running into an issue where the utorrent script will unrar the file, but not put it in the appropriate directory. its creating folders within my completed torrent directory, but not transferring to the appropriate directory. im running utorrent v 2.2.1, windows 10.

ive followed the setup instructions within utorrent verbatum (viewtopic.php?t=215) but havent had any success. ive looked through the other posts, and havent found a similar problem as mine.

Please help!

i also took a screenshot of what the commandline info from my most recent DL, but i dont know how to upload.


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Re: script unraring torrents, not changing directory

Post by rednoah » 04 Oct 2018, 05:08

Logs are plain text, so copy & paste is much preferred over screenshots. You will find the amc.log file in the FileBot app data folder if you're using a relative log file path.

The log file location is up to you though:

Code: Select all

--log-file L:/amc.log
Pastebin is preferred for sharing logs:
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