Is a disk folder match actionable?

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Is a disk folder match actionable?

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If Filebot determines that a folder it is processing is actually a disk folder (BDMV, video_ts, etc.), can I use that determination to then process the data differently? Can I use that as some form of a trigger?

So, my scenario is that I am processing a large folder full of subfolders. Some of the subfolders might contain disk folder contents. I want to be able to move these folders containing BDMV/video_ts into a separate filesystem since Plex cannot play BDMV or DVD video_TS content properly. I cannot rely on the parent folder to be properly named to indicate that a BDMV or video_ts folder structure is there, so using f =~ /search item/ or fn =~ /search item/ is not very effective for me at this point.

My thought right now is that I need to run a pre-processing script to inspect folder contents and amend the parent folder name with the metadata that I then use to properly organize the content. I am hoping the solution can be simpler than that though and be done purely with Filebot.
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Re: Is a disk folder match actionable?

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Yes, if {f} is a folder, and not a file, then you're probably dealing with disk folder.


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f.isDirectory() ? "FOLDER" : "FILE"
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