AMC + XBMC + Anime = no episodes

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AMC + XBMC + Anime = no episodes

Post by Aphid »

I've got everything set up nicely with the automated media center script, and it seems to be working fine, except for anime. Series are (usually) correctly identified and renamed, but the problem is that XBMC will recognise the series, but it will find no episodes.

It turns out that deleting the .nfo files generated by filebot will fix this. I don't have this problem for movies, but have not tested it yet with non-anime TV.

Also, the default rename pattern for anime will not work with XBMC, but that is easy enough to fix.
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Re: AMC + XBMC + Anime = no episodes

Post by rednoah »

If you figure out what XBMC requires in the .nfo file for anime and what kinda naming it can accept I can take that into consideration.

EDIT: Make sure to use the AniDB scraper in XBMC =>
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