--log-file and --log-lock

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--log-file and --log-lock

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Filebot r1569 and higher supports two new arguments: --log-file and --log-lock that'll make it easier to to run filebot fully automatically so esp. useful for the people using amc.

So with --log-file you can now specify, you may have guessed it, a log file! You'll get output on stdout/stderr as well as that log file. Solves various issues and pitfalls that people had with console/cmd IO redirection.

More importantly with --log-log yes|no (it's yes by default if --log-file is set) you can force that only a single-instance can process things at a time, while other newly spawned filebot processes have to wait. Especially with amc and the likes it's highly recommended to force single-instance mode so multiple parallel instances can't bypass API flood limit protections.

Latest HEAD jars as always found here:
https://sourceforge.net/projects/filebo ... ebot/HEAD/
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