[AMC] Anime official/main title recognition?

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[AMC] Anime official/main title recognition?

Post by ashfallen0 »

I've been working on a fully integrated XBMCbuntu/Deluge/Filebot HTPC system, and while TV and Movies are detected no problem, I've been running into some wierdness with my new anime feeds.
My console log:
I added the anidb entry pages for all the series that are being detected as TVDB entries. I've got a few where the main title doesn't match, all from [HorribleSubs] if that helps. I cut those out, but the remainder are ones where the main title matches, yet Filebot jumps to the TVDB for identifying.

My end-state question is this, is there a way to prioritize or promote anidb searches? Or is this just a case of REGEX vs RETURN? :?:
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Re: [AMC] Anime official/main title recognition?

Post by rednoah »

Check forceAnime(...) for details. That's all the a anime detection. Everything else will go into movie/series differentiation that only worries about movie vs tvshow.

So I guess you wanna add a filter in the function and check for patterns you know. Like HorribleSubs and categorize those as anime.

TheTVDB always takes presedence over AnimeDB unless forceAnime(...) explicitly tells it otherwise.

I think currently anime mode is triggered by two conditions:
* ut_label is set to anime so everything is treated as anime
* each the video file has Japanese audio and English ASS subtitles is considered to be an anime
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