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noob question for mac scripting

Posted: 03 May 2013, 03:08
by porkchop
First off you are a genius! after using the GUI for a long time and I just seen that you have a CLI version that can do everything i need. However I am not familiar with groovy. So here is my question:

I currently use tvshows 2 to download torrents automatically and place them on my NAS, it is also a generic directory download as well. what I would like to do is rename all tv shows and movies and move them accordingly and then email me either a log or a status.

examples: download directory =/Volumes/_P2P_/bt-downloads/ and I would like to script it out to rename and then move movies to /Volumes/Movies and tv shows to /Volumes/TV Shows/Show name/Season.

any help will be greatly appreciated.