Filebot wrapper to rename, extract and move/copy in vuze

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Filebot wrapper to rename, extract and move/copy in vuze

Post by meleth » 11 Jul 2013, 07:42

So it being summer and shit to do at work i decided to make a wrapper for filebot since i've had issues with samples being moved in existing scripts and some functionality that's been missing.

The biggest difference between this and the other i've found is that this script will copy downloaded media files, while if it extracts a media file it will move it instead. Leaving everything intact for seeding while at the same time not cluttering up the directories with other stuff so that when you delete the torrent theres not a directory left. Once that is done it can notify xbmc to update it's library.

Included in the zip is a sample config file, the actual perl script and that perl script compiled into a win32 binary since most windows users won't have perl installed. The configfile and binary MUST be located in c:\fbvuze and filebot must be in the path. The configfile contains some help text as well as other stuff like paths etc. that you need to configure.

For those of you on linux or mac there's comments in the perl script where you must change the path from \ to / ( It might work just to replace all \\ with \/).

This is how you set it up in vuze

1. Install filebot
2. Put both fbvuzeconf.txt and fbvuze.exe in c:\fbvuze
3. Edit fbvuzeconf.txt according to your needs, paths, rename formats, xbmc info, categorynames etc.
4. In vuze install the plugins Autocategory and CommandRunner
5. Configure the autocategory plugin to categorise whatever you download and that you want processed, make sure they match the categories in the config file.
6. The correct command for commandrunner should be c:\fbvuze\fbvuze.exe "%D" %L "%F"

Unfourtunally it was to big to attach to the post but you can get it here if Rednoah could attach it directly to the post and remove the dropbox link that would be great :)

Oh and i've only really tested movies and tv shows and a tiny bit on anime the rest is just coded from the head so i make no promises that it will work :)

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Re: Filebot wrapper to rename, extract and move/copy in vuze

Post by Gus019 » 27 Apr 2019, 13:20

I apologize for the noob question, but do you know of a link or can you provide information how to use the autocategorizer plugin? I'm honestly stuck at how I'm suppose to trigger getting the downloaded files to filebot for automatically renaming. Your script with filebot is exactly what I've been looking for and am anxious to get this working.

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Re: Filebot wrapper to rename, extract and move/copy in vuze

Post by rednoah » 27 Apr 2019, 17:15

Have you tried this yet?
:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.

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