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Sort to folder based on filename or TV show

Posted: 18 May 2022, 17:22
by RandmTask

I have a separate PLEX folder for my tv shows, another for my wife shows and another for my kids shows.

In iFlicks at the moment I set up rules to send them each to their own folder but looking to switch to Filebot and wondering if this is an easy thing to do? ie have a list of shows that will go to one folder, another list to a different folder etc.

Hope that makes sense. Using the GUI on a Mac.

Re: Sort to folder based on filename or TV show

Posted: 19 May 2022, 00:40
by rednoah
You'll want to have a primary file structure from which you then generate arbitrary secondary structures as needed:

Alternatively, you can use if-then-else conditions the first time around and generate different file paths for different file / episode matches as desired:

:idea: Your format code can refer to external text files:

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{ csv('/path/to/mappings.csv')[n] }

Code: Select all

Firefly	My Series Folder
Alias	Wife Series Folder
Dexter's Laboratory	Kids Series Folder