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add the {imdb-tt11976532} at the end of the movie

Posted: 16 Aug 2022, 19:02
by mrgreeneyes

i use a program called TinyMediaManager and when i rename movies it add the {imdb-tt11976532} at the end of the movie.
but it also downloads all the movie posters and things like that, in my case if i just want to rename the movie i like to use Filebot, but i cant seem to ge it to rename the movie in the similar formatting as TTM.

can someone help me with setting up the preset?

please and thanks

Re: need help with filebot and renaming movies

Posted: 16 Aug 2022, 19:09
by rednoah
Please watch the How do I organize files for Plex? video tutorial and read the {plex} binding manual for details. I believe you can copy & paste what you need from the examples.

Please read Apply Post-Processing Features via Rename for post-processing options such as generating nfo files and fetching artwork.