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[SNIPPET] Season Year(s)

Posted: 03 Jul 2012, 14:33
by rednoah
Here's an expression that'll get you the season year(s) of the episode in question. The season year(s) may either be a year (e.g. 2000) or an interval (e.g. 2000-2002) depending on over what period of time the season was originally aired.

Option 1: Use Episode Release Year:

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Option 2: Use Season Intervals (when seasons stretch across multiple years):

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{episodelist.findAll{it.season == s}.airdate.year[0,-1].unique().join('-')}
EDIT: FileBot r4096 introduces the season years {sy} binding.

Similarly you can get Total Season Count like this:

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EDIT: FileBot r4097 introduces the season count {sc} binding.