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Conditional Structures (if-then-else)

Posted: 03 Oct 2016, 18:53
by rednoah
Conditional Structures

You can use if-then-else blocks or the ternary operator for conditional code.

Example 1: Move 3D movies and normal movies into different folders:

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{fn =~ /3D/ ? '3D Movies' : 'Movies'}

Example 2: Add [10bit] to 10-bit videos but not to 8-bit videos:

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{if (bitdepth == 10) ' [10bit]'}

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{bitdepth == 10 ? ' [10bit]' : null}

Example 3: Sort movies into folders by collection if the movie belongs to a collection or genre folders if not:

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{any{collection}{genre}{'No Genre'}}
:idea: The any(Closure...) function will call each of the given Closures until it finds one that yields a non-empty result.

Example 4: Sort movies from different years into different destination folders:

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	if (y < 1960) {
		return "X:/Old Movie"
	} else if (y < 2020) {
		return "Y:/Classic Movie"
	} else {
		return "Z:/New Movie"
:idea: Use the @file syntax for reading command-line arguments from external text files.

:!: Bindings and functions may throw exceptions so the result may be neither true nor false:

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{'Avatar'.match(/3D/) ? 'X' : 'Y'} ⇨ Exception: Pattern not found