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MultiCD naming: {pi} VS {fn.match(/CD\d/)}

Posted: 08 Jul 2013, 12:20
by rednoah
1. {pi} binding
FileBot recognizes multi-part movies by matching multiple files to the same movie. Hence if you want to rename multi-part movies you need to pass all files into the same input set. The assumption here is only that parts are in alphabetical order.

2. Parse CD<i> from filename via fn.match()
If your files happen to be already well-named with CD123 then you can easily grab the CDindex from the filename via fn.match() like so:


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Re: MultiCD naming: {pi} VS {fn.match(/CD\d/)}

Posted: 12 Jun 2014, 20:47
by Mute
What if my multi-CD music files are sorted as follows:


Is there are way to rename and keep the CD number in the directory structure?

Re: MultiCD naming: {pi} VS {fn.match(/CD\d/)}

Posted: 13 Jun 2014, 02:14
by rednoah
Then you just scan the whole path for CD00 patterns ;)

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