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Rename without Creating New Folders

Posted: 03 Jan 2019, 16:31
by VMCosco
I assume this is very basic or not possible which is why I cannot find a way to do it...

I have a folder that is (I use Emby for NFO and artwork):

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Can I simply RENAME to the following without a new folder being created?

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Alien (1979)/
Alien (1979)/Alien (1979).mkv
Alien (1979)/Alien (1979).nfo
Alien (1979)/artwork.ext
When I use {n} ({y})/{n} ({y}), I get the desired result but I end up with a leftover folder of Alien/Alien with all of the artwork and then Emby has to scrape all artwork again

Re: Rename without Creating New Folders

Posted: 03 Jan 2019, 16:51
by rednoah
In this particular case, a 2 step approach is necessary. First rename the folders, then rename the files inside the folders.

Step 0: Change format to a simple filename-only format (i.e. rename not move)

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Step 1: Rename Folders (Link-Drop folders to process the folder as a single item, instead of all the files inside the folder)

Step 2: Rename all the files within each folders. By default, FileBot will process video / nfo files but ignore artwork / extra files.