Episode Format

All about user-defined episode / movie format expressions
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Episode Format

Post by INUlobo » 17 Mar 2019, 17:15


I am pretty new with filebot and I ran into something I cant find a solution for. I have multiple drives. One for TV shows, One for anime, and One for movies. I want to be able to have the anime stuff go to the anime drive and the TV shows to go to the TV drive. Right now I manually move them from the working folder. What can I do to have the episode format dependent on maybe what database is used to rename. Any advice would be great. Thanks!

Below is what I currently use:

Episode Format

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F:/_SortingEpisodes/TV Series - {n}/{n} (Season {s.pad(2)})/{n} - {s00e00} - {t}
Movie format

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F:/_SortingMovies/{y} - {n} {genres}/{y} - {n} {genres}

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Re: Episode Format

Post by rednoah » 17 Mar 2019, 19:15

For this particular use case, I recommend using Presets:

You can have different Presets for different database / naming scheme combinations, and then pick the one you need depending on the files you've dropped into FileBot.
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