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Podnapisi as a subtitle database

Posted: 29 Mar 2012, 11:18
by Kaurin
Hi. In the last year or so I've been watching a lot of TV shows. I prefer to watch them with English subtitles, even though my native tongue is Serbian. Whenever I would manually search for subtitles on various subtitle sites, I would fail to find a sub for the TV show I wanted to watch (even after a day or so). Then, a friend suggested I try with podnapisi. I thought that was futile because I always considered Podnapisi to be a good Eastern-European subs site. Boy was I wrong. You can find TV show subs in English on Podnapisi hours after a release.

I have tried using a program Submarine besides using Filebot because submarine uses podnapisi. Submarine, however, does not handle TV shows well (episodes), and I would never get any search results, even if there are subs on the site.

Is it possible that you guys include Podnapisi in one of your upcoming releases :?:

Docs regarding their api:

Re: Podnapisi as a subtitle database

Posted: 29 Mar 2012, 13:23
by rednoah
So seems like they got an API similar to OpenSubtitles now, nice. Checked out Submarine as well, it's only doing hash lookup. Problem is really that most subtitles for episodes are not submitted with file hash. FileBot using the same API won't change that, only works for media files submitted with hash.

Obviously that's the same problem for OpenSubtitles / Sublight so I also match subtitles/files via SxE patterns.

So I'll need to:
1. xmlrpc api for hash lookup
2. website search with xml output (sXML=1) for name lookup / SxE pattern matching

For 2. I have two problems now: GET with xml output for search suggestions (house => "House M.D.", ...) and listing all subtitles (disable paging)

Now that they support hash lookup Podnapisi would be a great addition. Problem is "us guys" is just me and I'm really trying to focus attention on more worthwhile things.

Re: Podnapisi as a subtitle database

Posted: 29 Mar 2012, 15:42
by rednoah
re: 1.
Just the the sake of testing if been checking into the podnapisi hash lookup API. That was a complete waste of time, doesn't work at all. I have yet to find a single subtitle via hash lookup.

Did this Submarine program EVER find and download any subtitles? For movies, tvshows, anything??

re: 2.
Website is only API-friendly for search, NOT for subtitle download. I guess they need to have real people visit the site to make money.

Not gonna waste time on closed sites like Podnapisi. Please support truly open sites like OpenSubtitles by uploading subtitles there.

Re: Podnapisi as a subtitle database

Posted: 05 Apr 2012, 20:07
by Kaurin
Hey, sorry about not answering before. I did not receive a notification that someone answered my post.

If that's the case with their API, screw them!

Nice work btw. Your program makes me very happy :)

edit: are email notifications working?

Re: Podnapisi as a subtitle database

Posted: 06 Apr 2012, 00:32
by rednoah
Should be. I get emails every time people post. Maybe u need to specifically subscribe to a topic. Not sure if it's automatic.

Re: Podnapisi as a subtitle database

Posted: 06 Apr 2012, 00:37
by Kaurin
Yea. I forgot to subscribe. I got it this time :)