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FreeNAS 8.2 plugin

Posted: 04 Apr 2012, 00:20
by phoenix
I absolutely love your renaming program, I've scoured the net for years looking for something to rename movies/shows and yours is exactly what I've been looking for, use it all the time. It would be a HUGE addition to port to a FreeNAS 8 plugin (plugin support for freenas 8 is currently in beta 2 in 8.2.0beta2) but it is coming along nicely, and having this added as a plugin I'm sure a lot of freenas users (myself included) would love to use this super handy application!! to rename their collections right from the plugin system. Either way I will sure as hell be using this gem for a long time. Thank you!!!

Re: FreeNAS 8.2 plugin

Posted: 04 Apr 2012, 01:56
by rednoah
Well, I'm not familiar with FreeNAS. But FileBot will run on FreeBSD so it shouldn't be a problem for someone to build a plugin or PBI package. I can help with that but I won't do all the work.