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[thetvdb] languages tag broken

Posted: 17 Jul 2019, 01:17
by kim
It looks like this is broken ?

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it is always = to the used search language

same with

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TheTVDB.getSeriesInfo(, Locale.ENGLISH).getLanguage()
if this is the same as ... l#line.612

and if not, why ?

btw: can you confirm we can't get country or original language from TheTVDB ?
they do add (or just check) the country ... it=country
(WOW 1+ year behind)

about "original title"
This is what the alias system is for, we usually use the title the series is most well known or had the majority of its production run under as the main title and add others as the aliases.
However the current site lacks tools to implement new aliases, and searching for aliases is also not supported.
Please be assured, it is not a site moderation or administration decision to ignore the original title. What you're seeing is most likely good old edition wars (however whitetigerx8 is probably not responsible, as that field is also broken and doesn't update.) ... le#p149286

Looks like TheTVDB is dying, why else have so many things not been fixed with the new website?

Re: [thetvdb] languages tag broken

Posted: 17 Jul 2019, 03:39
by rednoah
For series, the {languages} is always the chose search language. AFAIK, TheTVDB never has supported anything akin to a dedicated "SpokenLanguages" metadata field like TheMovieDB has for movies.

AFAIK, the TheTVDB series record does not contain the information you need, so FileBot can't really do much to improve things there:!/Series/get_series_id

:!: You will find various examples to get spoken language / country / certification by country / etc but that all applies to TheMovieDB / Movie Mode only.

TheTVDB API v2 seems to be working reliably, although I think there's nothing being done other than bug fixing and keeping things working smoothly. As for TheTVDB Website v2 that indeed seems to not have panned that well. I've read about a v3 website rewrite / redesign on reddit, so v2 probably doesn't got any developer love anymore.

Re: [thetvdb] languages tag broken

Posted: 27 Jul 2019, 17:54
by kim
Version 3 Is Live!
8. Origin Language and Country
Allowing a better experience for non-English users, and paving the way for true global access.

Re: [thetvdb] languages tag broken

Posted: 27 Jul 2019, 18:12
by kim

Re: [thetvdb] languages tag broken

Posted: 27 Jul 2019, 20:41
by rednoah
Good News indeed! Glad to hear they've found a sustainable model.