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Ebook and Audiobook

Posted: 29 Jul 2019, 23:55
by devster
Would there be interest for ebook/audiobook support?
The obvious APIs are from Goodreads and Amazon.
Both support ebooks and audiobooks (albeit in different ways), and FileBot already has support for audio files.
Both Kodi and Plex support Audiobooks as long as they're properly tagged (ID3 and such).
Some people have already done some work on how to tag them: ... udiobooks/ and ... eo_podcast (at the end).
Kodi natively supports audiobooks
There are also Metadata agents for Plex and Kodi (albeit user-supported in most cases).

I realize most of this focuses on audiobooks, and this is indeed the main gap, ebooks are nicely covered by calibre.
Given the fact that the databases suggested also provide information for ebooks it may be a nice added bonus (with a standalone cops server for example).

Re: Ebook and Audiobook

Posted: 30 Jul 2019, 04:58
by rednoah
I don't even have a single audiobook file, so it'd be hard for me to test and develop a such a feature.

--db ID3 should somewhat cover it, assuming all the information you want to use is already in the file and can be read via MediaInfo bindings.

ebooks can be handled to some degree in --db file plain file mode. But reading tags from within format code is not convenient, unless ebook tags are somehow easy to read.

:idea: I've added *.mka to the list of audio file extensions.

:idea: My take away is that at least audio books are already handled fine, by treating them like any other audio file, except you need to painstakingly tag them first.

:!: The problem here is tagging. Even if FileBot can match a given file to some audio book database, and organize the files in a standardized way, it still wouldn't work in Plex / Kodi / etc, because those tools expect tagged files. ID3 is pretty easy. MP4 is tricky. MKV is tricky. FileBot doesn't even support tagging for video files, because it's dangerous and inconsistent.

:idea: A dedicated groovy script would certainly be a possible first step to explore and evaluate. I'd need some test data for that though.