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thtvdb matching getting weird results

Posted: 20 Nov 2011, 08:34
by strider3700
I just installed 2.2 after finding this issue with 2.1c

I have a list of 18 shows all from the same series Curious George (2006) they are all names Curious George S01E**.avi I drag them all to filebot and do a look up using thetvdb The first episode is S01E01 which according to thetvdb should be "Curious George Flies a Kite" but the resulting match I get is S01E01 - Zoo night which is S01E25 according to Thetvdb. It also doesn't just get the wrong name it renumbers some episodes. S01E28 should be "Curious George, Station Master" but it gets renamed to S01E41 - Surprise Quints. These issues seem to only be happening with this series. It also happens if I just try 1 at a time as well.

Re: thtvdb matching getting weird results

Posted: 20 Nov 2011, 09:55
by rednoah
That's probably because your files are in airdate order. On TheTVDB FileBot preferres DVD order. If the result seems wierd, just use TVRage instead, that's always in airdate order.

Re: thtvdb matching getting weird results

Posted: 21 Jan 2012, 20:24
by grether
I am not sure if this is related, but when matching files that include multiple episodes the episode names become out of sync.
This seemed to work fine on TVRage, only showing up with TheTVDB

Star trek Voyager Season 5 is the latest example.
Files include S05E15-16 (this is not labeled as a double episode after rename for either db source)
Up to and including this file the titles are fine except missing the double episode number.
S05E17 gets renamed with the right episode number, but wrong title form E18. This continues thru the end of the season with the titles one episode off. The final episode is not recognized correctly at all.

Interesting update, The Starter Wife worked fine on S01E01-02 except missing the -02 to show a double episode. One difference is no air date is listed for this E02

Re: thtvdb matching getting weird results

Posted: 22 Jan 2012, 00:54
by rednoah
This is probably due to TVDB sometimes listing double episodes as eg S5E1.1 S5E1.2 which Filebot will just assume to be S5E1. So you got multiple episodes for the same file, or no files for later episode entries.

I'll look into this, but just use TVRage when TVDB info doesn't quite match your files.

Btw the file paths you tested with would be appreciated, then I can easily test that scenario as well.

Re: thtvdb matching getting weird results

Posted: 08 Feb 2012, 03:02
by sanjonny
is it possible to pull from the airdate order instead of the disk order? For example, I also use tvrename and for certain episodes it makes sense to use the aired order but filebot doesnt do that and for some strange reason something that I fixed, like civil war journal in the tvdb, I added episodes but they only show up on the aired order, so they don't get renamed in filebot. It would be nice to have a way to get the alternate listing for shows that you need it and tvrage doesn't have them.

Re: thtvdb matching getting weird results

Posted: 08 Feb 2012, 08:03
by rednoah
Future versions will allow you to select a preferred sort order similar to prefered language works right now.