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Process stops on errors

Posted: 07 Apr 2012, 18:15
by pengu
Thank you for this great tool ! It's the best media renamer I've tested so far, and so it worth some time to report 2 bugs :

1 : In "rename", when matching against TheMovieDB, when an HTTP error occurred (I've got 502 and 503 errors popups), the process stoped, and every choices we have made so far are lost.

2 : When renaming files on SMB share, an error occurs when trying to rename a file and the only difference is the case. For instance, renaming from "A Fistful of Dollars.mkv" to "A Fistful Of Dollars.mkv" produce an error. And here again, the process stop. The program should repport the error, and continue processing the other files.

Thanks again for the time you spend on the development.

Re: Process stops on errors

Posted: 07 Apr 2012, 18:45
by rednoah
Please run with console and send me the error stack traces that cause fb to abort.

Re: Process stops on errors

Posted: 10 Apr 2012, 12:51
by rednoah
Added themoviedb flood limits so you don't get temporarily banned which might take care of the HTTP 50x errors. As for the other problems can't really reproduce that.