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Movie identification improvements

Posted: 28 Apr 2012, 09:34
by sabu
Hi there,

I was wondering whether these features are upcoming or could be looked into?
1. filebot scraping IMDB link from the .nfo (the IMDB link should be in the .nfo in most if not all cases where an .nfo exists) and using that to identify the movie name, year, etc.
2. filebot reading the name the name of the .nfo file AND directory name to determine the group who released it. If #1 fails then I imagine filebot could also identify the movie name and year from the .nfo file/directory name in alot of cases

I've noticed that when a movie is not automatically identified and a prompt arrives to the UI, I can generally tell quite easily what the movie is based on the directory/file name - some times the right movie doesn't even appear in the list. I hope the 2 points above can help with improved automatic identification, however whilst their are standards there is no strict enforcement of naming conventions across the internet hence there is always going to be a element of manual work by the filebot user. This being the case would it be possible to make some improvements to the process where a movie is not automatically identified?

A couple of points/suggestions:
1. Simple fix - increase the size of the selection window so the directory name can be read:
You can see the difference in the following 2 screenshots:
2. There are some instances where the correct movie doesn't appear in the list, but the directory/file can make it quite obvious to the user:
Can you provide a better ability to update these movies by providing us the ability to either search for a title or input an imdb link.
3. In other cases where bits and pieces of information are missing, is there anyway we can be presented with a list of movies and the bits of information which are not available. We may be able to mass input the missing details in preparation for the filebot to do it's thing.

Apologies this seems like such a large list, although I think it would make things alot easier for filebot users if the above could be achieved.


Re: Movie identification improvements

Posted: 28 Apr 2012, 10:36
by rednoah
1. Lookup by NFO should should work and never require manual input. If its not working send me your input and I'll check it.

2. Maybe I can tweak the auto-selection. Send me your folder/file names where filebot doesnt auto-select an "obvious" choice and I'll check it.

Not really sure what to do of data is missing from the database.

Not planing on doing any "manual scraping" other than the SHIFT-click behaviour to skip auto-detection. Meaning you do a first pass with auto-detection and a second without auto-detection making you input the search query manually each time.

Re: Movie identification improvements

Posted: 28 Apr 2012, 18:47
by sabu
Ok so here's a prime example:

Folder structure includes:

Within CD1 and CD2 directories are the avi files

Here is a snippet of the .nfo file - I can send through more information if you require. Just let me know:
▒██ ██▒
▒█ Type...............: Movie █▒
▒█ Platform...........: XViD █▒
▒█ IMDB...............: █▒
▒█ Number of Parts....: CD1: 50x15 mb █▒
▒█ CD2: 50x15 mb █▒
▒█ Compression Format.: RAR █▒
▒█ File Validation....: SFV █▒
▒█ Source.............: DVD █▒

Re: Movie identification improvements

Posted: 29 Apr 2012, 05:46
by rednoah
What are the .avi filenames? Do they match the .nfo files? e.g. CD1/atr-ext-xvid.avi?

EDIT: Changed the current logic to also include subfolders. The .avi filename still has to match the .nfo filename to some degree though. Do some testing with r990 and let me know what works and what doesn't.

Re: Movie identification improvements

Posted: 10 Jul 2012, 10:29
by part timer
Found the thread.

I'm still getting maybe 5% of my searches in the console come back asking me which movie, even though there is an .nfo with all details named the same as the movie in each folder.

I also totally agree with the above about making that pop up window larger when it does come up and it would be helpful if it showed the foldername / filename that it's referencing so you could tell it which movie if you know. Right now I have to switch windows sometimes to go to Explorer to find the folder and look for myself.

Re: Movie identification improvements

Posted: 10 Jul 2012, 11:40
by rednoah
1. Send me movie/nfo filepaths and nfo content. Since you're running the CLI the console output would be nice too.

2. Send me screenshots of that dialog and what size it should be.