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Filebot gets 'confused' with batch renames

Posted: 23 Jun 2012, 13:27
by THRobinson
Hey there, just noticed, whenever I drag/drop in a batch of a few TV series to rename at once (say 8 files), for some reason, when I have the shows Burn Notice and Franklin & Bash in the same batch... all the shows rename fine, except Franklin & Bash is always getting renamed as Burn Notice. Strange.

Re: Filebot gets 'confused' with batch renames

Posted: 23 Jun 2012, 13:38
by rednoah
What are the filenames so I can run some tests? That usually happens when db data doesn't match your files and filebot fuzzy logic will lock on the next "best match".

It's probably something like Franklin.and.Bash.S01E01.DVDRip.XviD-REWARD.avi. Problem is that TheTVDB search can't find anything for "Franklin and Bash", it'll only find something if you search for "Franklin & Bash".

If you only rename Franklin & Bash filebot will ask you to manually input the showname. If it's handling lots of shows at a time it'll just assume the episodes that can't be identified properly probably belong to one of the shows that got detected successfully (since it's in the same folder).

Re: Filebot gets 'confused' with batch renames

Posted: 23 Jun 2012, 14:14
by THRobinson
I 'think' (because already renamed) the files were


I also tried manually changit it to "Franklin.&.Bash.S02E03.HDTV.x264-ASAP.[VTV].mp4" adding the & since TVDB shows the series using it vs 'and'.

Re: Filebot gets 'confused' with batch renames

Posted: 23 Jun 2012, 15:45
by rednoah
Franklin.&.Bash.S02E03.HDTV.x264-ASAP.[VTV].mp4 will work and as long as there is at least one file with "Franklin & Bash" in the set the remaining "Franklin and Bash" also work.

Easiest way is to handle the "Franklin and Bash" manually. Just drag only the "Franklin and Bash" episodes in and let filebot give you the option to manually input the show name.

Re: Filebot gets 'confused' with batch renames

Posted: 23 Jun 2012, 15:59
by THRobinson
I often do this maybe once a week, so only 1 epsiode of each more or less... that being said, past few weeks it's done the same thing each time so thought a bug or something.

I usually just end up renaming everything as a batch without Franklin & Bash, then drag it in on it's own which works fine, just an extra step.

Just found it strange that as a group, it always seemed to detect as Burn Notice while everything else scrapes fine.

Re: Filebot gets 'confused' with batch renames

Posted: 24 Jun 2012, 04:51
by rednoah
Checked and a new TheTVDB API that's in the works will solve these kinda problems but that's probably still far away.

If you handle things as a group, filebot will match it as a group, e.g.

In cases like this it would all be matched to Franklin & Bash. In your case Burn Notice is the show name "most similar" to Franklin & Bash (in the absence of Franklin & Bash of course :D).