[REQ] Default options in the gui

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[REQ] Default options in the gui

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Long post, but hear me out please.

So I'm pretty sure that this is going to seem like a clutter idea to you, since you can do what you need to do with scripting and things. There are some of us out there that can't seem to make our way through that world very easily though. In my opinion, the easier a program is to use, the more it gets used, so I'm throwing this out there for myself and hopefully some others.

I would love to be able to click a little tool button in the bottom right corner of the gui and go to a settings menu that has a lot more settings that i can choose some default values for. Right now it's basically language and episode ordering only. To me I would like to have that box bigger and include the formats in there as well, maybe with a few tabs to keep things separated. I think it would be nice since I think most of us probably have a certain things we like to keep fairly consistent. Again, I realize a lot if not all, and really, probably all, of this can be done through scripting, I just wish it didn't have to be.

It would be nice to have the option of setting things in a gui interface and let them be used as default values for scripts unless overridden in that script
* log in details for subs if a person has their own accounts somewhere, maybe which subs provider is preffered and maybe the option of moving the providers up and down a list as a preference thing, if the user wants to change it, if not it's left with the default that you probably already use
* default downloads directory
* movie and episode formats and ability to have multiples saved (as requested by someone else a while ago as well)
e.g. -Profile name -Notes (optional) -format
-Movies (Ratings rounded) -Round the votes -xxxxxxxxx whatever format you want
-Old Movies
-New Movies
I know this might not make sense or seem necessary to some, or a lot, but I also know I use a few different formats depending on where the movies came from or where I'm putting them and my formats are so long that pressing down I don't see a difference between the last formats I've used so I have to keep a separate text file going to keep track and do it myself.
*email config details
*naming convention for artwork or nfo files (could be check boxes)
e.g. nfo- movie.nfo or $fn.nfo, poster.jpg or folder.jpg or movie.tbn or what I prefer, all 3, fanart.jpg or $fn-fanart.jpg, extrafanart into extrathumbs/thumb1.jpg, etc
*folder mode or file mode
*strict or non strict mode (although the current way is much better in my opinion than how it was)
*xbmc or plex ip's and whatever other info might be used for that
*conflict override, skip, whatever radio button
*action, test, move, copy, radio button, again can be overridden by a script or temporarily by picking one from the list

Again, I think you probably see these as clutter, but I do think they would make it easier to use and have less noob questions about all of these things, which takes burden off you. Probably a good idea too would be storing them if possible in a text file or whatever extension but for people that really don't like gui they could go into the file and make their changes, although those people probably write their own scripts anyways.

tabs could be (with examples included and preferably the mouseover extra details thing to cut down on questions):
-file locations
---default starting directory(s)
---default finishing directory(s)
---folder mode/file mode
---format profiles

---conflict settings
---action settings

---default language
---default language for files to be renamed(instead of the foreign names sometimes)
---default language to download subs for (with option for more than one) checkboxes or manual comma separated entry maybe
---Sub provider order preference
---user name/pass for each type of account that is set up to be searched already
---airdate ordering

-Media Center( Or Xbmc/Plex)
---ip address block
---all the nfo and artwork naming options I mentioned and an option to not do any nfo or artwork

---all the ports and protocols with helpful example text of course

Go in once and set up all your defaults the way you like and let the scripts run using these defaults, unless you specify the change.

Thank you for considering this and reading this far.
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Re: [REQ] Default options in the gui

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Don't worry, I do read all this stuff. ;)

Basically it's a A LOT of work (also all possible via scripting :P). Started classes at ICLP last week so basically I'll have less time for things here.

* Also GUI programming is not fun. :lol:
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