Teachers (2016) version does not show up in GUI

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Teachers (2016) version does not show up in GUI

Post by sanjonny »

Teachers - Duct Duct Goose - 103.mkv
Teachers - Picture Day - 102.mkv
Teachers - Pilot - 101.mkv

When using the GUI, these three files will pop up Teachers and Teachers (US) in the suggested episodes box. Neither is the correct version
There is a tvdb series named Teachers (2016) that is the actual series .
Several other shows that have multiple year versions usually pop up but for some reason this one does not. Anyway, as a workaround, if you type Teachers (2016) into the shift right click box, it will pop up and match the correct series and show information.
That seems to be the only way to get that show to come up in the GUI currently.
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Re: Teachers (2016) version does not show up in GUI

Post by rednoah »

New show? No ratings?

Give it a 10 star rating. Then wait for a few days or weeks. It'll start working eventually.
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