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[FR] rename subtitles

Posted: 23 Nov 2012, 09:23
by Al_25

Second FR of the day ;-)

It could be great also to have an option then using the -rename to rename too the subtitle with the same new name of the media file (something like!

Thanks !

Re: [FR] rename subtitles

Posted: 23 Nov 2012, 13:11
by rednoah

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filebot -get-subtitles . && filebot -rename .

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Looking up subtitles by filehash via OpenSubtitles
Matched [Avatar.mp4] to [Avatar Extended Collectors Edition] via filehash
Fetching [Avatar Extended Collectors]
Writing [Avatar Extended Collectors] to []
Done ?(?????)?
Filename pattern: [0,00] SxE, [0,00] CWS
Rename movies using [TheMovieDB]
Looking up movie by filehash via [TheMovieDB]
TheMovieDB: Hash lookup not supported
Auto-detect movie from context: [E:\Storage\Avatar 2009\Avatar.mp4]
[MOVE] Rename [E:\Storage\Avatar 2009\Avatar.mp4] to [Avatar (2009).mp4]
[MOVE] Rename [E:\Storage\Avatar 2009\] to [Avatar (2009).srt]
Processed 2 files
Done ?(?????)?