Feature Request: Add release #/date to version #

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Feature Request: Add release #/date to version #

Post by DavidRTurner »

Add Release# (& date?) in the GUI - perhaps in the main top-left corner where the version # is (i.e. currently "Filebot 4.7.1" but would like to see "Filebot 4.7.1, r4109, 2016-07-27", or in an ABOUT dropdown menu like other software.

This would let users know more quickly (and correctly!) which version they have, when asking for help... it might save you some time in asking the same questions over & over again with newbies... :)
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Re: Feature Request: Add release #/date to version #

Post by rednoah »

rednoah wrote:Use the Groovy Pad and run runScript 'sysinfo' (press F5, and then press F5 again)
I think there's little I can do about people not reading How to 'Request Help' before posting.

Mac version has an About dialog with version/revision. Some packages (e.g. portable) include the version number in the window title. I don't think I get better bug reports with sysinfo/screenshots/logs from those people. :lol:
:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.
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Re: Feature Request: Add release #/date to version #

Post by topbanana »

I requested this a year ago.

Putting the version in the window title, like the portable version, is the best/obvious solution.
Still no link to your website.
No link to the FAQ.

Perhaps just put FileBot into a more familiar application window with file, tools, help, etc menus? These exist for almost every bit of software, on all platforms.

File: Open File(s)... Open Folder... Exit.
Tools: Backup Formats... Edit Formats... Groovy Pad... OpenSubtitles Login... Options...
Help: Getting started, FAQ, User Forums, Check for Update... About...

If the UI is familiar for all the standard stuff, it makes it easy.
Inside that, then you have your UI for renaming etc...

No need to reinvent the wheel. It'll mean a few less forum posts asking silly questions, a few less items needed on the FAQ. If something is frequently asked, then make it easy to find (i.e in familiar place) or the function self explanatory where possible. All this makes for elegant software.
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