[artwork.tvdb] Fetching only missing artwork not working

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[artwork.tvdb] Fetching only missing artwork not working

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Firstly, I'm a new user and just wanted to thank you for making this amazing tool and scripts. Also, apologies if this is in the wrong section.

Now on to the reason I'm posting:

I've been trying to fetch artwork for my TV shows since yesterday, but due to our slow internet and a number of users in the house I only do the fetching at night or when we go out. According to the script documentation it should just skip shows that already have fanart, but this functionality isn't working. I've traced the problem down to this line in artwork.tvdb.groovy:

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if (_args.conflict == "skip" && dir.hasFile{it =~ /tvshow.nfo$/} && dir.hasFile{it =~ /folder.jpg$/} && dir.hasFile{it =~ /banner.jpg$/})
The problem is it's looking for tvshow.nfo, folder.jpg, and banner.jpg in each season folder, which seems wrong to me. Correct me if I'm wrong, but only the root folder of the specific show would have a tvshow.nfo, so shouldn't it look there instead of in the season folder? Second, I've checked the already processed shows and none of them have a folder.jpg, so should this look for something else? The check for banner.jpg works fine, so it should probably stay.

For the sake of clarity, my folder structure is as follows:

Code: Select all

-- Series
  -- ShowName
    -- Season 1
      -- ShowName S01E01 - EpisodeTitle.ext
      -- ShowName S01E02 - EpisodeTitle.ext
      -- ShowName S01E03 - EpisodeTitle.ext
      -- banner.jpg
    -- Season 2
      -- ShowName S02E01 - EpisodeTitle.ext
      -- ShowName S02E02 - EpisodeTitle.ext
      -- ShowName S02E03 - EpisodeTitle.ext
      -- banner.jpg
    -- banner.jpg
    -- tvshow.nfo
It also seems like a similar problem happens for movie artwork. The script looks for folder.jpg and backdrop.jpg, none of which are in the processed movie directory. Should this perhaps change to fanart.jpg and poster.jpg?
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Re: [artwork.tvdb] Fetching only missing artwork not working

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Yeah. That logic was probably broken at some point, I'll fix it when I come around.

EDIT: Done.
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