Shift-left click not working on Mac

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Shift-left click not working on Mac

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I'm trying to override the renaming for a couple of files, but shift-left clicking on my Mac isn't working. If I shift-double left click, I get shown the file in the Finder, so I know the clicks are registering, but the override isn't.
Can you suggest anything I can do to get it working?

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Re: Shift-left click not working on Mac

Post by rednoah »

Since you're opening Finder I guess you're clicking around on the left side. The Shift-Click trick works by holding shift down when clicking the datasource, e.g. TheTVDB. Also this trick will only allow you to manually specify the search query, e.g. "Firefly".

Any "renaming" you may want to do on the right side you'll want to do in a generic way via your format pattern so it'll just work for any and all similar cases in the future.

Is this what you're looking for?
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