Season Number & Episode Number reversal

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Season Number & Episode Number reversal

Post by acousticgirl »

I have a strange bug when working with version 3.3 in OSX 10.8.2. When renaming folders full of episodes, a handful are always backward. If I am renaming season 5 of a show, the 7th episode will rename to 7th season episode 5. I've changed the raw file names around, but this does not affect the outcome. I've included an example picture below. Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: Season Number & Episode Number reversal

Post by rednoah »

S0EP00 (and 00) is not a recognized pattern like SxE, S00E00 etc so it'll default to fuzzy logic where things get hard to predict. I'll check if I can fine-tune this a bit more.

Just skip auto-detection if it doesn't work. Grab the episode list in Episodes panel, drag it over, and order/align it manually.

EDIT: r1438 has better support for generic patters as well as S0EP00 specifically.
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