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FileBot 3.6 MAC

Posted: 22 Jun 2013, 22:48
by unxadm
I was having some issues using the latest released version of FileBot. When I search for episodes then try and drag and drop them back to the rename window (where I have a specific season loaded) it always drops in every episode even though I only selected a specific season. I am not not sure how to fix this and was wondering if anyone else has had this issue?


Re: FileBot 3.6 MAC

Posted: 22 Jun 2013, 23:15
by rednoah
You mean you DnD episode data from Episode panel to Rename panel?

If you want to filter by seasion, set the season filter before and then grab the episode list. That's since DnD always takes the contents of the list regardless of selection.

Selection works for copy/paste though. So you can copy/paste specific selected episodes over to Rename panel.

Re: FileBot 3.6 MAC

Posted: 22 Jun 2013, 23:27
by unxadm
Thanks for the quick reply. The Season filter has helped. Copy and Paste for me doesn't. :( I've tried Apple C and V and Ctrl C and V ... doesn't seem to work.

Thanks again.