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[Request] Support for cd num or -a and -b in movie filenames

Posted: 09 Mar 2012, 17:27
by belgarth
Forgive me if this already exists, I wasn't able to find a way to deal with Movie filenames with cd numbers in them or with -a and -b, ie:

As currently implemented, running filebot rename cli on it will just renames the first one (cd1 or -a) and leaves the other as is. It would be nice if there was a mechanism that recognized that the movie was spread across 2 files and could then add it back into the final filename.

Re: [Request] Support for cd num or -a and -b in movie filen

Posted: 09 Mar 2012, 17:52
by rednoah
If you rename both files as a set (in one call) and both files get matched to the same movie, you'll be able to use {pi}.

Like this:

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{n} ({y}){" CD$pi"}
{pi} only works within one rename set though. So if you call rename() for each file this won't work. Maybe you can workaround with match() function that'll allow you to easly keep parts of the original filename, e.g. {fn.match(/CD[1-3]|/-[a-c]/)}