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bug in CLI -get-subtitles?

Posted: 24 Jul 2013, 20:09
by iwiied
command i used:
filebot -get-subtitles "x:\xxx\BlackRock.mkv" --q "black rock" -non-strict

Get [English] subtitles for 1 files
Looking up subtitles by filehash via OpenSubtitles
Searching for [black rock] at [OpenSubtitles]
No matching subtitles found: blackrock.mkv
Done ?(?????)?

however, if i go directly onto opensubtitles page and search for "black rock" , there are multiple english subtitle exists for the movie. is this a bug? or am i doing something wrong?

Re: bug in CLI -get-subtitles?

Posted: 25 Jul 2013, 04:09
by rednoah
You can try with the GUI and do a search for "Black Rock" and see if you get results. Might be an issue with OpenSubtitles website being different from the XML-RPC service for 3rd party programs.