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Null pointer exception or security warning

Posted: 15 Mar 2012, 03:12
by sanjonny
I get two different issues with the latest version depending on what computer I am running. On my xp computer, I get a security warning when loading the filebot program using the launch button on the main page, so I get the latest issue. It loads but when you add a file and try to do the lookup, it gives a security warning and says there are signed and unsigned parts of the program and suggests that you not run the file. (I have the latest version of java also) The program will not run after that point.

On my windows 7 machine, filebot opens fine, gives a security warning that is standard (do you trust this program?/) but after that, when you put a file into the rename box and try lookup, it gives a null pointer exception every time you try and lookup something. I reverted back to an earlier version to make sure it was nothing with the new windows and java updates that were released today, and the prior version worked fine, so something funky going on with the latest version on both op systems.

Re: Null pointer exception or security warning

Posted: 15 Mar 2012, 05:23
by rednoah
I'm on Windows 7 with JRE_1.7.0_03 and Firefox as browser. Did some testing and everythings seems to work fine. Webstart is known to be frickle though. Try clearing the java webstart cache (Control Panel -> Java -> Delete Temp Files) to force a full update.