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[Request] Manually set season & episode number

Posted: 19 Mar 2012, 17:52
by sheepd
Hi, the title pretty much says everything. I've read all the documentation I could find and tried to search for it, but might have missed the proper keywords.
What I'm suggesting is that as a last-resort way to rename files to just add a simple right-click option which allows you to set the Season and the episode number per-file.
An example of a renaming program which does this is this one:
Sadly, it is Windows-only and no longer supported.
Currently, I'm resorting to manually renaming the files, so that Filebot can add the correct Name afterwards...

Re: [Request] Manually set season & episode number

Posted: 19 Mar 2012, 19:11
by rednoah
What exactly are the filenames that filebot can't seem to get right? Are you sure it's impossible for filebot to fully automate this usecase??

If it's series auto-detection that gets something wrong, use SHIFT-click when selecting a datasources and you can force manual series name input. If SxE from the db doesn't match your files switch to another db or change preferred episode sort order to match your files (DVD order VS airdate order)

As a lost resort (and this is what you're looking for). Lookup episode data in "Episodes" panel. And the drag everything (or copy & paste selected episodes) into the "New Names" area. Now you can reorder episode/file matches my dragging items up and down. Clicking "Match" will make FileBot try order/match files/episodes properly.

Re: [Request] Manually set season & episode number

Posted: 16 Feb 2019, 12:41
by DarfNader
I have the same question as I have never been able to pick a single episode of a matched TV series to apply to a single episode file. I have tried dragging, copying and pasting the, but I cannot seem to pick a single episode to match with a file. Draging the single title brings the entire episode list to the Rename section. I then tried different ways of copying single episodes from from the list in the Episode section and then pasting it for that file, but instead of getting the usual file patch for a match I get some odd Filebot code instead:
Just to see what would happen I tried to run Rename to see what would happen to the file and of what should have come to no surprise, that is eactly what the file was renamed to, literally.

Just using Filebot for normal everyday use, It took me a while to just to figure out from the documentation, lot of trial and error, and bugging you for help, just to figure out how to configure FileBot to work and how to operate in what seems like what should be SOP. I found that what seems like the most common functions are rather hidden so to get it working for the more general cases to a lot of time just to get my first rename to work.
Therefore, it's no secret that the UI is pretty obtuse. I did finally figure it out enough to get it working well enough for most cases and it certainly is a time saver and far better than not having Filebot at all- no question. It's just when I get to these sorts of one-off issues when even after a manual show match the episode title is not correct, there doesn't seem to be a manually way to select the correct one without some ordeal and it is honestly just easier to type the filename by hand. Trying to drag the correct episode title from Episodes to the file in question in Rename brings the full epsisde list which you will need to shuffle around just to get that one title you are tryng to match, and of course you can only do this for one file at a time! You will need to repeat this for each subtitle file, etc... I have not been able to find a way to do this in a straight-forward way where you can just pick the correct title from the episode list and drop it onto the file. That would seem to be the intuitive way but that's not how it works at all.
I am guessing that I should just suck it up and learn how to use the CLI version in the hopes that it's easier to get predictable results. I have no idea if that is so, but since I made the mistake that thinking the GUI would be the easier place to start I wonder if it could be much harder to use, really.
I'm sorry- I don't mean to be whiney about it it. It's just a very "unique" UI you've got going on here so trying to solve this sorts of things intuitive is just not feasible.
Hopefully this clarifies the usability issues that it would seem people like us are having here.

Re: [Request] Manually set season & episode number

Posted: 16 Feb 2019, 14:28
by rednoah
The easy way would be clicking on the episode, thus selecting it, then Right Click ➔ Send to ➔ Rename.

You can copy & paste individual episode items. You will need to click & select them first, and the copy & paste. The strange code indicates that you're using copy & paste after clicking on Episodes, which means this area has focus (and there seems to be some untended default copy & paste behaviour). You'll need to click on the actual episode item in the Search Results area, and then hit CTRL + C.

If you give me a specific set of example file paths that don't work out of the box, then I can show you how to deal with them effectively. Depending on the situation, there may be a smart way to do things.

Manually identifying episodes one by one is tricky. You'd have to enter series name, maybe SxE numbers, then select. Then repeated that for each file item. Possibly multiple times. At that point you'd be slower than just fixing SxE numbers in the filename.

That being said, FileBot gives you tools, that you may apply in novel, smart and unique ways to deal with your files effectively in ways that the original author may not even have anticipated.

:idea: Personally, I'd open two FileBot instances, one in Rename mode and one in Episode mode, side by side, load files into one, load the episode list into the other, then CTRL + C / CTRL + V ahead.

DarfNader wrote: 16 Feb 2019, 12:41 Hopefully this clarifies the usability issues that it would seem people like us are having here.
I get the idea, possibly. You and the OP may not necessary be talking about the same thing though. OP never get back to us with screenshots. I cannot stress enough the importance of screenshots. A screenshot says more than a thousand words. ;)