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[Request] Config file to fix when non-strict is incorrect

Posted: 24 Mar 2012, 20:36
by belgarth
I'll use a specific example. My files for the tv series "the river" are just titled "the.river" in the filename without the 2012 (which is the files really are from thtvdb perspective). Right now, I need to use -q and specify "the river 2012". I would like to have a mechanism (likely a config file) by which I can say if filebot gets an inexact match with non-strict containing both "the river" and "the river 2012" to use "the river 2012" every time.

Re: [Request] Config file to fix when non-strict is incorrec

Posted: 24 Mar 2012, 23:52
by rednoah
I get your point. But doing it like therenamer does would just be a hack that doesn't really solve the problem.

These are the solutions that I see:
1. Edit TheTVDB => The most popular / recent show shouldn't need the year. Use name+year for older iterations of the same name. This would solve the issue for everybody. Not just FileBot users but also HTPC software.

And then ONLY IF Option 1 is not possible.

2. Make FileBot automatically pick the latest iteration of a name if there is a conflict. That behaviour should on average be more desirable.

3. Support user-defined episode filter, e.g. --filter year>2000

Re: [Request] Config file to fix when non-strict is incorrec

Posted: 25 Mar 2012, 03:02
by rednoah
Since (1) and (2) probably won't work out, I implemented (3) in r959. Check out the latest beta.

--filter option lets you defined an exclude expression for episodes and works similar to the naming scheme expressions.

--filter "y < 2000"
--filter "n ==~ 'The River'"

And if you don't mind spending more time on this you can define an expression that'll check the name against text file. It's all just Groovy code so you can do pretty much anything.

Re: [Request] Config file to fix when non-strict is incorrec

Posted: 27 Mar 2012, 07:52
by rednoah
Changed --filter into include rather than exclude behaviour for the latest rev.