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FileBot 3.1

Posted: 01 Nov 2012, 15:41
by rednoah
FileBot 3.1 Get it here!

This release brings lots improvements for especially for fully-automated processing, improved series lookup and episode matching especially for ambiguous cases. Other enhancements include better support for renaming of movie folders (rather than files), OMDb/IMDb bindings for naming expressions, ed2k support in SFV panel, and storing rename-metadata in extended attributes (if supported by the platform and filesystem).

+ Use Link-Drop modifier to drop folders into 'Original Files' allow processing of movie folders
+ Enhanced TheTVDB series lookup (combine online search with local index)
+ Improved episode matching (same-name-different series problem, specials)
+ Use OMDb data (unofficial IMDb API) for the {imdb} binding
+ Set File Creation Date to episode/movie airdate/year on rename if supported by the platform
+ Store rename data as user-defined filesystem attributes if supported by the platform (EAs, xattr, etc)
+ Support ed2k hash algorithm in SFV panel
+ Set -Dunixfs=true via cmdline option -unixfs

Changes / Fixed Issues:
* Various adjustments for Mac
* Fixed various 32/64-bit msi installer issues
* Many other bugfixes and adjustments

* utorrent-postprocess works better than ever!


Re: Deployment issues on Windows

Posted: 03 Nov 2012, 15:49
by rednoah
Updated 3.1 with r1292 to fix 7zip and ShellAPI native integration issues.

Re: Groovy / Scripting compatibility issues

Posted: 05 Nov 2012, 09:46
by rednoah
Updated 3.1 with r1296 to fix scripting issues that have been reported. Revert to Groovy 2.0.2 as these issues seem to be caused by the latest Groovy 2.0.5.