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FileBot 3.2

Posted: 14 Dec 2012, 19:39
by rednoah
FileBot 3.2 Get it here!

This release brings lots of tweaks for episode/movie auto-detection and fully automated processing. The IMDb scraper is fixed and http connections will connect through the system proxy by default. Drag-n-drop on Linux now handles GVFS URIs as well and maps them to the ~/.gvfs filesystem abstraction via libgio.

* Much more robust and reliable movie detection
* Improved movie/series detection and auto-selection
* Transliteration-aware candidate ranking (e.g. 你好 VS ni hao => 100% match)
* New and improved IMDb scraper
* Support drag-n-drop from GVFS locations via ~/.gvfs filesystem abstraction

Changes / Fixed Issues:
* Use the system proxy by default
* Replace -clear option with 2 options -clear-cache and -clear-prefs
* {d} binding for movie release date or episode airdate
* {es} convenience binding for multi-episode numbers
* Make the revert function more obvious via a new button
* Fixed various GTK LaF issues

Chocolatey Windows Package available:
Install and keep up to update via "cinst filebot" =>

Noteworthy Scripts:
New: Revert Renamed Files to their Original Names
Revert files to their original names using the internal history.
=> ... &t=5#p2485

New: Integration
Automatically add shows and tick episodes on your MyEpisodes account.
=> ... 2629#p2629

Update: µTorrent Integration
* Automatically tick new episodes as 'aquired' on MyEpisodes
* Video Tutorial for standalone cmdline usage
* ut_state_allow condition to better support running on state change
* Support passing in formats via cmdline
=> ... 1561#p1561

Merry Xmas everyone!~

Re: FileBot 3.2

Posted: 15 Dec 2012, 01:16
by rednoah
[OSX] Updated 3.2 with r1372 to fix DnD issues that were broken because of changes made to fix Linux...