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FileBot 4.8

Posted: 14 Mar 2018, 03:56
by rednoah
FileBot 4.8
• Experimental HiDPI support (for Windows 10)
• Support the new TheTVDB JSON API
• Support the new OMDb API
• Improved movie / episode auto-detection
• Improved CD1/2 auto-detection
• Support for CoW clones (requires APFS or BTRFS)
• Support for custom rename actions via the --action option
• Support for the new -exec option
• Support for the FILEBOT_OPTS environment variable for FileBot-specific Java options
• Lots of minor improvements and bug fixes


Re: FileBot 4.8.2

Posted: 08 Aug 2018, 11:06
by rednoah
FileBot 4.8.2
New license model and cross-platform support for all Java 8 / Java 10 platforms
• Improved episode / movie auto-detection
• Added {hdr} binding
• Added --file-filter option (e.g. --file-filter
• Added --db exif and --db file in addition to --db xattr (i.e. command-line equivalents for Preset datasources)
[Windows] Improved HiDPI support for non-integer scale factors (e.g. 125%)
[Linux] Support for ffprobe as replacement for libmediainfo (esp. for armv7 / aarch64 platforms)
[macOS] Disable 0-termination when reading / writing xattr String values (i.e. improved interoperability with other xattr tools)


FileBot 4.8.5

Posted: 03 Apr 2019, 11:20
by rednoah
FileBot 4.8.5
• Port to OpenJDK 11 / OpenJFX 11
• Improved syntax highlighting for format expressions
• Improved support for rare SxE patterns (i.e. S1-01)
• Added {kodi} binding (i.e. Kodi naming standard)
• Added {ci} binding (i.e. movie collection index)
• Match {source}, {group}, {tags} and {s3d} from {media.title}
Move to Trash action in Filter tools (e.g. batch delete clutter files)
Paste License Key button to simplify license activation for users who can't receive email attachments (i.e. some email providers block *.psm attachments)
• Built-in Automator Workflows for macOS (i.e. easily create Quick Actions and Folder actions)
• Fix UI deadlock issues on Linux
• Fix drag-n-drop issues on Linux / KDE / Dolphin
• Support for 7z an unrar executables on Linux
• Support for xattr on FreeBSD / OpenBSD / NetBSD
• Support for writing xattr metadata to plain text files (i.e. improved support for rclone and gdfs)
• Support for a Dark Mode Look-and-Feel
• Fix various mediainfo / archive extract issues on QNAP NAS (especially on x86_64 devices)
• New 32-bit Windows packages (i.e. x86 msi installer)
• New multi-arch Debian packages (i.e. support armhf and aarch64 for Raspberry Pi devices or ARM-based servers)
• New multi-arch Fedora / openSUSE / CentOS packages (i.e. RPM packages)