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Preset asking to identify files

Posted: 17 Jun 2019, 18:27
by valiantslack
My first time setting up filebot. Creating several presets to move movies to different libraries (Adult; Family).
Here is what I currently have for my preset:

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T:/Movies/Family/{n} ({y})/{n} ({y}){ext=='srt' ? ".en" : ''}
However, when I select it to run after adding the original MKV's, I get the following pop up:

Re: Preset asking to identify files

Posted: 18 Jun 2019, 02:24
by rednoah
That's a bit strange. Did you select the Series Mode or Movie Mode version of TheMovieDB?

Since its grouping two different movies into the same question, I guess it's interpreting them as episodes. You'll need to select the other TheMovieDB entry, which is for movies.