[README] TheTVDB v3 (everything is temporarily broken)

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[README] TheTVDB v3 (everything is temporarily broken)

Post by rednoah » 16 Nov 2019, 05:27

TheTVDB has released and gone live with a new API implementation, which currently has a few backwards-compatibility issues that affect existing software:

➔ Known Issues Log & Status

:!: Temporary Workaround: Use TheMovieDB::TV for the time being.

:!: Due to caching, server-side API issues may not be immediately obvious since FileBot may be working with cached data. Similarly, if FileBot has cached bad data, server-side fixes may not immediately apply to data already cached. You may clear the cache to force FileBot to fetch the latest data.

Known Issues:

:!: TheTVDB API v2 may return 404 Not Found for all episode list requests, so sometimes nothing works.

:!: TheTVDB API v2 language preferences don't work. The episode titles are always in English, and never in German. Das ist nicht gut.

:!: TheTVDB API v2 (JSON REST API) lists only 100 episodes per page, which has been working fine till now. But the new implementation incorrectly lists total number of pages as 1 for all shows, so FileBot will only ever get the first 100 episodes. This is particularly problematic for FileBot, because in -non-strict mode, it'll match the "best available episode option" which is going to be completely wrong if we don't have all the episode options to begin with.

:!: TheTVDB API v1 (XML API) responds with 301 Moved Permanently instead of just returning the XML data. Previous releases may or may not automatically follow redirects depending on FileBot version, Java version and Java System Properties. (NOTE: if you are using a recent release of FileBot, then this issue is probably not relevant to you)

EDIT: The default JRE (by design) does not follow http ➔ https protocol-changing redirects, so TheTVDB is effectively broken for older versions of FileBot.
:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.

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