Is there an evaluation period?

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Is there an evaluation period?

Post by JohnFX » 03 Jan 2020, 04:19


I just installed the latest version of FileBot, it seems like it's going to be very useful. As suggested by the Getting Started page, I did not yet purchase a license as I wanted to first evaluate it and make sure its going to work.
Please download and evaluate FileBot before purchasing a license.
However, when I click on "Rename" it says i need a license. I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to actually evaluate FileBot without purchasing a license. Is it possible to have it execute the rename on the files in an evaluation period? Its nice to play around in the GUI and see what it would do, but I'd really like to see it *work* before i purchase a license...

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Re: Is there an evaluation period?

Post by rednoah » 03 Jan 2020, 13:15

Well, playing around in the GUI does tell you everything you need to know to make a purchase decision. FileBot either works for your files (i.e. auto-detection, custom formatting, etc) or not.

Actually renaming files isn't particularly interesting for the purpose of evaluating FileBot, because it can't not work. If you can move files from A to B, then so can FileBot, and so can any other generic batch rename tool. Knowing what B is supposed to be, now that's the tricky part. ;)
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