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[HOW TO] Fix 'Problems', Report 'Bugs', Get 'Features'

Posted: 09 Jan 2014, 09:57
by Ithiel
How to report a problem: (request support)

Run into an error? Broken your button? Tried to divide your universe by zero? Let us know!
OK, more accurately, let rednoah know, because unlike me he can actually help fix the problem (I, however, will give an amusingly witty running commentary on the matter).
  • Step 1: Run with FileBot (console) and copy the output.

    Step 2: Open cmd and run sysinfo command (below) and grab the output from there as well.

    Code: Select all

    filebot -script fn:sysinfo
    Step 3: If your bug is a little more 'visual' in nature, or you just want to show us how badly it all went pear-shaped, feel free to grab a screen shot and up it on while you're at it.

    Step 4: Make a NEW thread in the Help and Support category (Hint: this one ^.^), give it an appropriate subject, and add all the info you collected in steps 1 thru 3 in there.

How to report a bug (request a fix)

Run into one of our errors? Witnessed the unstoppable force colliding with the immovable object? Had a Déjà vu moment just as the windows got swapped out with bricks? Let us know!
But... again... I think we've both discovered who around here is the brains of the operation, and which one serves as comedy relief.
  • Step 1: See Steps 1-3 above

    Step 2: Just like above's step 4, but over in the "Feature Requests and Bug Reports" category.

How to tell who broke it: (problem vs. bug)
  • If it was working, and then stopped - that's a problem.
    If it never worked, and it should have - that's a bug.
    If it never worked, but wasn't meant to - that's a feature :-P

Please sir, can I have some more?: (feature requests)

Longing for a specific feature? Got an awesome idea of what you wish FileBot could do? Wondering how much more epic can be stuffed into the seams before bits of java explode all over the place? Request a feature!
  • Step 1: Head on over to the Feature Requests and Bug Reports category and check to see if someone else has already asked for it.

    Step 2a: If there's already a thread, give it a +1 bump and throw your 2 cents into the ring.

    Step 2b: If there isn't already a thread, make a new one, and explain your awesome idea to your hearts content.

    Step 3: Decide how much you want it* ^.^
*When and where possible, rednoah does his best to try and incorporate as many (reasonable) requests as possible, but there are only so many hours in the day, and sadly not all code can be converted into rent and food.

If you really need rednoah to take your awesome new idea and "make it so", please consider contacting rednoah about sponsoring it's development. You'll be helping out FileBot and the FileBot community, helping out rednoah, and will also be getting the shiny new feature in your 'Christmas Stocking'... even if it isn't Christmas (which if you think about it, makes it even cooler!)

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