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Can Filebot do this?

Posted: 15 Jun 2012, 17:25
by busenta
I record shows via Eyetv. I use Plex as my media player which can scrape based on file name. Air date format is acceptable. It uses TVDB as its source with TVrage as a filler. I record soaps, so my file looks like General Hospital 2012-06-13.m4v (YYYY-MM-DD). The problem is that General Hospital isn't up to date on TVDB so it won't scrape. TVrage has all the data I need. I need to rename the file to ie. Genral Hospital s50e12602 (based on air date from TVrage). With this file name Plex will bounce it off of TVDB, get nothing - then go to TVRage and I'm all good.

Can Filebot search TVrage based on my file name, know it's an air date - not season or episode, and pull the appropriate season and episode number? I just dragged my files in and it thought the air date was season info and it made season 1 episode 13.


Re: Can Filebot do this?

Posted: 15 Jun 2012, 23:30
by rednoah
Works for me:

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General Hospital 2012-06-13 => General Hospital (US) - S50E52 - #12580 [2012-06-13]
When you tried they probably didn't have the airdate for that episode in their data.

FileBot will cache TVRage data for up to 48h so if you try again right now it still might not work cause filebot will be using the cached data without airdate. Delete the cache in %APPDATA% and it'll work.