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How to stop Directory Name being taken as Series Name

Posted: 07 Aug 2015, 00:28
by Mech_Man
I know that FileBot looks at the name of the containing directory as one possibility of the Series Name, and that feature has come in handy quite a few times.

But also, a few times it is aggravating.

I have a directory "C:\Working" where I move files that are to be renamed.
Most Series Names are accurately identified by FileBot and the proper Series rename suggested.

The current Series "Proof" shows up as "Proof (2015) in theTVdb, and "Proof (TNT)" in TVrage and just "Proof" on the subtitle files I get. (It seems that FileBot can get confused when the Series Name isn't standardized by the source databases).

My Problem:
FileBot keeps trying to grab the name of my "Working" directory as a component of the suggested Series names.
I have even tried manually renaming the media file all by itself, and that doesn't help.

I know I can use the Override function during FileBot's identification phase by holding down the shift button as I left-click, and then delete the suggested Series Name and replace it with "Proof (2015)", and it works fine.

MY QUESTION: Is there some name I can give the working directory that will be excluded from FileBot's search for possible Series Names??? Maybe name the working directory "C:\____" or "XOXOXO" or such?

Re: How to stop Directory Name being taken as Series Name

Posted: 07 Aug 2015, 08:15
by rednoah
Example? Logs? What's the full path of the file that doesn't work?

See viewtopic.php?f=3&t=359

I've added Working to the blacklist, but I won't be able to push the updated index files while I'm on holiday.

You can rename your working directory to anything that's on this list:

For example "____" or "staging".